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NOTE: As of 8/2/12 I have decided to move all my icons from splashicons to this, my personal journal. From here on out, I will post all my graphics/icons available for use here and not at splashicons. If you'd like to view all the icons from before 8/2/12, I have them all in this journal post. Rules remain the same.

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I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who are using, and crediting, my icons. Also, another big arigatou to the lovely comments and support. Thanx everyone!

Personal entries are f-locked.
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splashicons icons

All of the icons I posted at splashicons are archieved here.

(14) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(15) Eureka Seven
(15) Katamari series
(75) Powerpuff Girls
(4) Power Puff Girls Z
(31) Final Fantasy X/-2
(12) Pokemon
(5) Tenchi Muyo!
(8) Kingdom Hearts (series)
(68) Adventure Time
(9) Misc. Fandom


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